Doha Ali

Doha Ali is AMNA’s Head of Community Programs for the organization. She’s a 21 years old medical finalist and is particularly passionate about advocating sexual and reproductive health and rights.

She designs AMNA programs, as well as monitor and supervises them. Doha also participates in facilitating the sessions and activities she develops.

For her, experiencing a concept firsthand is far more effective than a lecture – it is the difference between knowing and comprehending, she designs game-based sessions, putting comprehending in learning, and fun in comprehending.

Doha was Sudan’s representative for UNDP’s Youth Leadership Programme in Civil Society 2018. She remains involved with the organization as she leads the content team of the e-platform, which serves as a knowledge hub for the Arab states that are part of the program. She also conducts several sessions on topics within SRHR and gender equality- her field of expertise – to develop the capacity of young leaders.

Though it may seem like there’s no space for anything other than work in Doha’s waking hours, she still manages to maintain a vibrant social life that is full of ice-cream, karaoke, and good friends.