Ilaf Nasreldin

Ilaf Nasreldin is a 24 yrs old women’s rights advocate. She is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of AMNA.

She’s passionate about advocating for human rights, social justice and development with a special focus on gender related issues. She has taken part and facilitated several workshops and training events in the field of women issues and violence against women particularly. She’s an alumni of the Peace Building institute in Rwanda, as well as an alumni of the Understanding Development and Public Policy Program in Khartoum, and an alumni youth leadership program in Khartoum. In AMNA, Ilaf overlooks the internal and external processes of AMNA. She performs a wide range of tasks where she engages with different stakeholders. She takes part in the planning, development and implementation of all AMNA projects.

Advocating for peace building in Sudan following up on WPS, Ilaf puts a special focus on empowering young women in peacebuilding as a means of addressing the gaps between WPS and YPS. She does this through her job at AMNA, where she coordinates, supervises and facilitates projects and programs aimed at specifically at increasing the participation of young women in peacebuilding and politics. Under AMNA, Ilaf is currently developing a toolkit with the focus of Women in armed conflict areas, where she discusses the role of women in conflict and post conflict settings in order to come up with grassroot recommendations for young Sudanese advocates who are working in the field.