Moneera Yassien

Moneera Yassien is a 22 y/o women’s rights activist from Sudan. She is the founder of AMNA a youth-led organization, working to change thinking, actions, and systems that contribute to violence against women. AMNA provides all women who have experienced any form of violence with support and healing and engage with the community to develop leadership for the prevention of future violence. In addition to building the capacity of communities to respond to gender-based violence in the local context by raising awareness. Also, Yassien has found IECRC (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community Research Chapter) to support entrepreneurs in Sudan, IECRC works on conducting researches in the Sudanese entrepreneurship ecosystem. She represented Sudan at many summits including the Knowledge Summit Dubai and Africa Summit Morocco. In 2018 she was delegated by the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) to represent the youth in the MENA region at the ECOSOC youth forum. she is an Alumni of the Study of the U.S Institutes for student leaders’ program, focusing on social entrepreneurship and at California State University- Chico. And a fellow with Stanford University at AMENDS (American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue) Moneera is a facilitator with the Youth Leadership Programme. She travels all around Sudan and MENA region, to train young people on design thinking, collaborative leadership, gender equality and women empowerment.